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Cargo system C-Way "Canoe"


canoe 2




It is not uncommon for motorcycle enthusiasts to face the problem of the capacity of their motorcycle trunks.  Long trips and needs cannot minimize the amount of things you need on the road. 

Mounted wardrobe trunks and bags are extremely inconvenient, spoil the paintwork of the motorcycle and cause great discomfort to the biker.  Our one-of-a-kind Canoe C-way luggage system, developed by us for the most popular Honda GoldWing series of touring motorcycles, comes to the rescue.





The luggage system has a huge list of undeniable advantages:


  • huge margin of safety, load capacity up to 25 kg  (55 lb) !
  • quick-release assembly, thanks to which removal and installation takes only a few seconds!
  • All parts of the quick release assembly are made of high quality AISI304 stainless steel.
  • the carrying hitch is hidden and doesn’t spoil the appearance of the motorcycle! canoe3.jpg
  • has an anti-vandal lock (lock with a key), that prevents unauthorized removal from the motorcycle!
  • there are safety clamping screws for more efficient use!
  • branded dust and moisture resistant wear-resistant bag, in various color combinations, matching the color of the motorcycle (optional)!
  • Installation of the system is very easy thanks to perfectly matched CNC machined components and a thoughtful mounting kit!
  • luggage systems, for the entire model range of Honda GoldWing, always in available!
  • Shipment is made to anywhere in the world on the day of payment.



The "Canoe" kit includes a load-bearing power towbar, a quick-release assembly and a cargo platform (basket).

The basis of the luggage system is a stationary power hitch, which is installed on the motorcycle discreetly without spoiling the appearance of the motorcycle.  The towbar has a huge margin of safety and bearing capacity, which is achieved due to the design, as well as due to direct attachment to the motorcycle frame (without the use of a subframe that carries all three motorcycle panniers).

Quick, secure and easy connection of the cargo platform to the motorcycle tow bar is provided by a stainless steel quick coupling.  It has an anti-vandal lock (lock with a key) and safety clamping screws.

The cargo platform (basket) has great strength, high load capacity and a place for installing a duplicate license plate.  High-quality powder coating ensures a long service life without loss of appearance.  Along the entire perimeter, the basket has places for threading tie-down straps for securing cargo and / or a branded dust and moisture-proof wear-resistant C-way bag (optional).

C-WAY trailer system





The canoe rack is a variant of the unique C-way hitch system that allows you to quickly and universally attach a helper (luggage basket, trailer hitch or flag pole).





   Schematic diagram of the unified C-Way system:

   C-Way power hitch

   with quick-release assembly =< <= cargo platform (basket);

                                                       <= trailer hitch;

                                                       <= flagpole.

Thus, with the established Canoe system, it is possible to replace the luggage basket with another unified C-Way device (flagpole or towing device).Thus, with the established Canoe system, it is possible to replace the luggage basket with another unified C-Way device (flagpole or towing device).

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