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Classic Series C-way motor trailer for choppers and cruisers.

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The CL-001 Classic motor trailer is ideal for any models of classic cruisers and choppers. The ergonomic shape allows you to combine a significant amount of luggage space, while not exceeding the dimensions of the motorcycle itself. Not missing the opportunity to "slip" in the traffic flow, you get a whole caravan of luggage, so necessary for traveling.
 The CL-001 Classic motor trailer model is built on a chassis developed by us, taking into account the poor quality of the roads. During development, we considered several versions - one-wheeled, two-wheeled, as well as many options for the coupling mechanism.



Secure Lock:

classic lock



Classic series C-way motor trailer for choppers and cruisers. The trailer has a secure lock so you don't have to worry about your luggage when your motorcycle is in the parking lot. We have three keys for the lock. In addition, if required, it is possible to install a lock with a remote unlocking system.

It is also possible to connect the lock to the general motorcycle alarm system.




Hand Carry Handle





Classic series C-way motor trailer for choppers and cruisers. By opening the lock on the coupling mechanism, you can transport the trailer to a convenient place or take it with you to your hotel room, like a regular suitcase. The handle, like other metal parts, is made of stainless steel, so you should not be afraid of corrosion.




Access to luggage compartment:





The C-way Classic series motorcycle trailer for choppers and cruisers opens on a trailer similar to lifting a car trunk.

The trailer lid is equipped with special shock absorbers that make it smooth to open and hold the lid open.





Leak proof




Classic series C-way motor trailer for choppers and cruisers.

Tight, hermetic connection of the trailer cover and body prevents water from entering the trailer, even in the heaviest rain.





You can install the headlights and turn signals of your choice  





Classic series C-way motor trailer for choppers and cruisers. Each motorcycle is unique, so we suggest installing stop signals on the trailer that duplicate the original light and direction indicators during the ordering process so that the trailer fits into your style as much as possible. Thus, you are not limited in the flight of your imagination and can realize your idea by installing the accessory you like.




Baggage Options





Overall dimensions with a luggage compartment volume of 150 liters.

Classic Series C-way Motorcycle Trailer for Choppers and Cruisers The motorcycle trailer looks very convincing and serious. The recommended trailer load is 50 kg. If you decide to trade in potatoes, you may not have enough of it. As for the rest, with regard to the transportation of necessary things, such as a barbecue, a tent, food, clothes, water, there will be no problems.


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