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One-wheeled chassis of C-WAY mototrailers

One-wheeled chassis of C-WAY mototrailers

The models of our motor trailers are built on the chassis developed by us considering the low quality of our roads.

During the development, we considered several versions - one-wheeled, two-wheeled, as well as many options for the coupling mechanism.

Why not a two-wheel motor trailer?

As a result of testing, we came to the conclusion that two-wheel models are not suitable for operation on our roads.
First, the dimensions of two-wheel trailers do not correspond to the dimensions of a motorcycle, as a result, maneuvering is significantly complicated by the risk of hitting cars, as well as choosing the optimal distance between rows.
Secondly, a two-wheeled trailer is less stable when one of the wheels hits an uneven road surface. Everyone knows how a car shakes when it jumps into a hole, but at the same time, the car is much heavier and still has four wheels and maintains its trajectory. In the case of a two-wheel motorcycle trailer, with such a "sausage" it can affect the trajectory of the motorcycle.

One-wheel trailer is safe!

The one-wheel motor trailer met our expectations in terms of comfort and safety. If a 13-inch trailer wheel hits a pothole, the suspension perfectly copes with its function and does not affect the movement of the rear wheel of the motorcycle in any way. In addition, a one-wheel motor trailer has no problems with dimensions, and when maneuvering, you should pay attention only to the length of the motor caravan. When maneuvering, it completely repeats the trajectory of the motorcycle, including the angles of turns, which ensures the necessary stability of the transport fleet.

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